Welcome to Just-Play.co.za

Just Play is a community. A Community who communicates its values through a series of fun, safe and midsized playground activities.  This community mainly caters  for families with kids aging from 2-12 years. Playgrounds are carefully designed with the  goal to stimulate children’s development and potential.  The equipment conforms to the highest European safety standards.  It is also a lovely initiative to get the whole family away from their TV games and let them have some fresh air and get children to play outside and interact with new friends.



Did you know?

  • Did you know...  three basic movements that help develop child motoric coordination are jumping, spinning and crawling?
  • Did you know....that jumping  strengthens the core muscles , balances lymphatic flow improves blood flow and restores energetic balance and harmony? What great health benefits!
  • Did you know…that during their preschool and primary school years, kids in a large extend, use their athletic skills to promote themselves and build their self esteem?
  • Did you know…. that the development of motoric skills are  key to assure children’s all around well being?
  • Did you know…that in early years motor skills are very basic and start with a child being able to feel and explore his own body, respond to nerve stimulus and to control his muscles?
  • Did you know…that key physical developments are body motor coordination and balance?
  • Did you know…that body motor coordination directly  translate into motion intelligence?
  • Did you know…that learned skills are memory based?
  • Did you know…that a child who senses his body is able to recognize, copy and learn new movements faster and with more joy?
  • Did you know…that a child who senses his body feels better about himself, is more confident and more courageous?